The Learning Centre
With its fully renovated and high quality practice greens, bunkers, chipping and driving areas, the Learning Centre at Cutten Fields is specifically designed to mimic all of the many scenarios one may encounter when on an actual golf course.From the words of the centre’s designer and  architect, Ian Andrew, “Short game areas are  critical for the future growth of golf. They are  the places where small children are first  introduced to playing the game. They are a spot where parents sneak away for a few minutes in the evening to keep their games sharp before they put their kids to bed. They are the place where the serious golfer goes to practice and learn how to save strokes and take their game to a higher level.”

Cutten Fields' golf experts believe that as well as providing experienced golfers the opportunity to work on their range of swings, the Learning Centre offers a safe atmosphere for new golfers to learn this challenging sport.  The popular Learn to Golf Membership would be of special interest to these individuals as it includes clinics and full access to the Learning Centre.
For more information on the Learn to Golf Membership, please contact
Kierra Kidnie, Membership Coordinator at
or 519-824-2650 ext 229